sketches from the con

finally able to post some sketches done for that lovely weekend of geekopolis, i still have the smell in my nostrils

powergirl comission that the guy never came back for


finally about the con

hellololo friends, the busy season has struck again & i'm just feeling the start of it, thanks cuppa. So i've forced myself to spare a few moments to update my blog that no one visits.

the toronto comic con was last weekend & it was a joy. i picked up my beloved nyc/equatorian friend, lucio alberto ruiz from the airport on the thursday night to start the weekend off right. then shan & i ended up having our table right behind him, the joy continued. Lots of feedback, sold a bunch of books & paintings & drawings & zombies. great to see/meet people & experience being on the other side of the table at one of these things. both of us were & still are pumped up to do another, so we're real excited about going to calgary in the new year via an invite from kendrex, the man with the coolest name & organizer of the calgary comic con.

so enough talking, here's some pics of our weekend, oh & we both still have a few copies of our books/paintings, want one/four?

settin up

so purty

ready for the crowds

shan geeking out to the man

how can we compete with this jerk?!

shan's profit creators

con sketches by moi

drawin an insane frenzy!

so overall=great time, cant wait to do again & thanks to everyone we met & those who came out to throw rocks at us, we've made a wall to protect us