GAH! where the hell have i been?! not here. just a few things ive done since last we talked

"Moishe" as part of HQ's where the wild things show happening NOW, go see it. Gouache on a plank of wood, (i found a box of these in the garbage outside our loft, i had to rescue them)

oh & finally our company site!La Moustache.ca YAH!
the demo in case you missed it last time

For the past month Phil & i have been putting together a crazy project for the ottawa fest that just passed this weekend. we're so damn stoked about it & i can't wait to show the world what we did. put us in your prayers to whichever god that will make our dreams come true.

ive got so much stuff to post, & so much more on the to-do list, with your love i may find time to show you.