Ill friday - red

i made this in the same style/technique that im going to be making a film with the nfb in march as part of the hothouse! I splat some colour down & then interpret what i see & then draw. no pre-planning, all instinct. let me know what you think, i have a bunch more




just like the pic says, got to look through elicser's sketch book at work today, fucking wicked, very inspired, did while my updated reel was rendering


2000 hits

woah woah, 2000 hits in just over a year, someone must be looking at this stuff, but barely any comments. Shouldnt be the reason anyway, do it for yourself, but i wouldnt mind hearing what ya think, good or bad, cant really improve without criticism

some marker stuff from the another moleskin, addicted to those bloody books


Brasil post 1 - art/notes

heres the first post of my trip to brazil, its just a few pages from my note/sketchbook. im not really happy with any of the drawings, but it was a hard trip to draw on, i just started to get warmed up when it ended, wrote way too much in the book. we were so busy with capoeira related things that my sketchbook sat in my back pocket way too much, but really capoeira was the real intention of the trip - drawing/painting will be my focus when i go back

***just in case, i tend to write my thoughts unedited, so take no offence if theres something on these pages, heh

some watercolours too, really was dying to do more. broke in my new w/c moleskin & little w/c travil kit, lotsa fun

this piece is not mine, its much more special. story: we were relaxing on a beach (very rare) in northern salvador getting in alittle sun & putting up with people harrassing us to buy stuff. I was taking advantage of the quiet moments to do some painting, when i felt someone looking over my shoulder. as with most people that gauk over me when i draw/paint i ignored, but he kept on looking, then he sat done beside me with a huge smile on his face. turns out this super nice guy paints on ceramic tiles for tourists using highly toxic oil paints with his fingers & he showed us by painting this piece. so of course the least i could do with a fellow artist was make a trade, i tore out my just finished w/c & handed it over feeling i got the better deal, he couldnt have been happier. Unfortunately i didnt get a shot of my painting & his got a little scratched in my bag on the way home. Not sure where lucas is right now, but i hope that he, his lady & his beautiful little girl (he showed us a pic of her) are very well & he's getting what he should be for his great art. i plan on sending him some brushes, he gave me his address.

pics & more stories in the next post, hopefully soon


brand new year

the plastic wrap has been peeled off & its cloudy, but heres hoping for some snow in the next couple months or Al Gore was way too right & new york is going to be swimming in glacier water

also heres a few cards for friends i did over the last couple weeks. i seem to be hitting a style, must change

will also be making a humungoid post of my brasil trip in next little bit, got a lot of scanning to do