HEY!!! look at this! This is one of the things I & we've been working on for the past couple months, the first episode in our comedy group - Hole in the wall! My contribution is of course the first part, "The Flower" - animated, written (with phil), directed, assembled (with sylvie), & composited by me - yea it kept me busy for a couple weeks. Please check it out & pass it around to all your friends, family, pets & countrymen - we would love you ever so much!

congrats to everyone involved, now lets do the next one!




HEY! chewy is up in the final mojizu round WOOT! but he needs those precious things called "votes" please click HERE to vote for your favourite WOOKIE

Also GERALD is up in the quarter finals, nothing would bring a larger gold toothed grin to his face than to go to the finals, please make it happen. & while you're at it cheriff is on her way to the top

thank you for putting up with how i entertain myself



A huge DUMP

of drawings....
from the molekin

this nice fellow is becoming a mojizu

from life, it was a good drawing day



Hipp vs Lumb

A few former animator workmates whom i like to refer to as "friends" have finished a film that was long time in the making. Andrew "the Garlic Flame" Strimatis & Charles "Hog Tamer" Greenfield have created an epic tale consisting of a treehugger, a treecutter, a treehater, & a treedweller, all locked in the greatest battle our age has ever seen.

i star as the hater, but i dont support hate especially any towards this film, click on each pic to allow your eyes to be spoiled
part 1

part 2

part 3

got another mojizu in the running, click her to vote

& sylvie's gone to taste the fresh air of British Columbia, leaving me with way too much to do. what the hell am i updating my blog for, screw you blog!


progress & moaning

just finished a little piece for my dads birthday, hopefully he doesnt check this & see his late card, its in the mail dad, i swear
The pic was drawn while i was at a pub close to my place in montreal, inviting him to join me for a pint or 6 from toronto, im fitting the bill.

found this new site that is a voting contest to make a deck of cards, Custom 52 submit a piece on any card, i put tomithy on one, cuz he deserves it, he's had a tough life. i think you can keep voting, even more than once a day, but it never shows what the total standings are, so who knows really. i think im just addicted to contests. you should join in

& speaking of which, Chewy went on to the 2nd round, click him

The duke is out, but gerald is up in round one, against some stiff competition, so please show your support for these poor orphans & press your mouse upon him

working busily on a film for Phil & I & group's comedy gang, Sylvie & i are making a little cartoon to go along with a bunch of other really funny short films, cant wait to show everyone, phils going to explode.

last hothouse podcast is finally up, but no one told me, had to find out myself through the wire. i needed to be half drunk to pretend to be fully drunk, press it

& sylvie's leaving for BC in 2 days for 4 months, blows dragons balls. So the next entry might take me forever to write inbetween the moping


stratching backs

So sales of my shirts have been doing not too shabby over at Bountee & i thank all the fine folks who have decided to grace theyre wonderful breasts with my art. i was even featured on a t shirt blog called TCritic which i think is very funny & cool.

ive made this little thang for shan's bday which was 2 days ago **EDIT** you can actually see the pic now, so click on him

he's also a mojizu

now if you happen to be a keen student you'll have noticed some new additions to the right hand side of my blog. firstly, is a thing called Digg which is a site where you can vote for sites or articles that you really like & people can check them out, share cool stuff you found, etc. cool way of letting people know that you like their shit, so if you dont think mine smells too bad, maybe you could digg mine? no? ok nevermind

also i put up a few picture links to some illustration communities im part of, in particular monday art day is cute little group that offers prizes to the best weekly & monthly pic. also check out the others, because they dont enjoy eating children like me

& some sketches for good measure. orig sketch for shans pic

i plan on finishing a few of these octupii

Cuz i like to glue things in my book that i find in the splendid parks of montreal. this one may turn into a mojizu at some point at a later date on this very computer if you are so lucky