progress & moaning

just finished a little piece for my dads birthday, hopefully he doesnt check this & see his late card, its in the mail dad, i swear
The pic was drawn while i was at a pub close to my place in montreal, inviting him to join me for a pint or 6 from toronto, im fitting the bill.

found this new site that is a voting contest to make a deck of cards, Custom 52 submit a piece on any card, i put tomithy on one, cuz he deserves it, he's had a tough life. i think you can keep voting, even more than once a day, but it never shows what the total standings are, so who knows really. i think im just addicted to contests. you should join in

& speaking of which, Chewy went on to the 2nd round, click him

The duke is out, but gerald is up in round one, against some stiff competition, so please show your support for these poor orphans & press your mouse upon him

working busily on a film for Phil & I & group's comedy gang, Sylvie & i are making a little cartoon to go along with a bunch of other really funny short films, cant wait to show everyone, phils going to explode.

last hothouse podcast is finally up, but no one told me, had to find out myself through the wire. i needed to be half drunk to pretend to be fully drunk, press it

& sylvie's leaving for BC in 2 days for 4 months, blows dragons balls. So the next entry might take me forever to write inbetween the moping


Diego Stoliar said...

Ouch, 4 months....3 was enough....good luck.

Were we can see that short when is out?

DaLe said...

yea its going to suck

im not sure, but i'll be pimping it out when its done, i still have to shoot it, heh

what are you doing now my brasilian friend?

goutwort said...

I was going to vote against you, but then I read the thing about Sylvie and decided to be nice.

How does that site work? I wanna join.