im in res fest!!

if you havent checked it out yet, i animated 97% of a constantines music video over the summer, yes real rocks. you can check 'er out on youtube shitty quality &/OR check out res fest this weekend on the big screen. its airing as part of the CanCon selection on Sunday at 7pm. its of course at the Royal theatre www.resfest.ca WOOT!



late pres for phil

hopefully he doesnt check this blog before i give it to him, but heres his bday pres which was 2 weeks ago, heh. seems im entering another pastel period with my ladies. this was from a sketch i did of the model Luba about 6 months ago, do a search of her, how can you not draw her?


bday for sneyd

bday present/card for good ol friend andrew & the sketch too



alittle card i done up, sylvie has bought the champagne, & we thank our director andrew for being a cool guy. we're in our last week of production on starveilance & its crazyness right up until the end