im in res fest!!

if you havent checked it out yet, i animated 97% of a constantines music video over the summer, yes real rocks. you can check 'er out on youtube shitty quality &/OR check out res fest this weekend on the big screen. its airing as part of the CanCon selection on Sunday at 7pm. its of course at the Royal theatre www.resfest.ca WOOT!



Anonymous said...

That was awesome Dale! I was so impressed with the animation. The close up of the guitar player and he drummer were my favourites...esp when you rotae the drummer so it looks like a 3d camera move...nice work!

Anonymous said...

Good evening. Very interesting, really!

Lubomir said...

Hey Dale congratulations, the animation looks incredible. Great choice of rocks for the various parts! Neat, neat, neat! The Constantines are amazing, very cool that you got to do this.

ps. I ALSO have Viagra -- with a discount for friends, prrap!

Sam Chou said...

you can really make things MOVE!!
I just noticed your Music/bar on the side. AWSOME. I want to do the same!
That's it...I'm copying.

Jason said...

Dale, super impressive work!

- CanĂ¡rio