xmas craziness

havent been around in awhile, xmas hit & i havent been on the internets at all, but i have been busy: a commission & some more presents. my girl is back & im a very happy man. Oh & check out WOOT on new years DAY, JAN 1, trust me, it has to do with a drunk dinosaur, happy new year yahl!!

commission for a brother to his brother on his birthday. was going for a 40's film noir poster, was a big challenge, shouldnt have been, but i was trying to get the likeness of an existing poster too much, always learning

Custom Qee for my sister, with sharpies

Qee glowing in the dark, out of focus

xmas pres for my bro & his lady, painted on a piece of paper found in an old frame, awesome texture, bad photo



some big news happening in the art life world of dale, but i dont wanna jinx them, so i aint tellin, but i will, later. in the meantime more people had birthdays & i made some more cards
for eric's

for the best woman in this dimension & 18 others

& the annual xmas card celebrating the birth of some guy who might or might not have existed, so just in case i draw creatures. A bunch of people will or already have received this in their actual real mailboxes, do you want a nice little present in your box?? send me your address, seriously, i'll mail you a real card, while they last - dalehayward@rogers.com

Lastly, this sunday dec 9 im going to at the PALAIS DES CONGRES 159 rue Saint-Antoine Ouest for the MONTREAL COMIC CON. Should be fun, i got my prints, sketchbooks, & a bunch of new blobs. i take only gold galleons as currency, only thing worth a damn anymore


gifts & stuff

did alittle experiment the other day, i sketched out a girl

markered it with only only colour, looks alright

BUT this is what it looked like while i was doing it, i had my lighttable on the whole time while i was in the dark. i think it's really cool, a glow that you could never replicate. i'd like to play with this some more & have finished pieces in a gallery with lightboxes on the wall as part of the artwork. so the piece becomes 2, one with the light on, one with it off.

bday present for a friend

bday card for my friend nick, who never checks this blog anyways, so he'll never know

a place warming present for my friend kara, its a bunch of my favorite blob paintings in a frame

along with a ton of other projects, ive been working on a 2 page spread pinup for a new magazine called Squid & Ink. this is one of my self rejected pieces, i like it, it still needs some more value & tone, but it just didnt feel like pinup spread material after i looked at it. i'll finish it up one day, i like the face & hair too much. i'll post the final when the time comes, im really happy with it

& we'll end with a few more warmup dames


more ladies

been doing a ton of new things, that i'll show soon, but im still warming up with the ladies, if i cant have my real one for another month, then drawing imaginary ones will have to do
this will be another i'll finish up hopefully soon

i really like how the face turned out on this one, faces are always the hardest thing, so hard to capture life in a drawin


new demo

brand spankin new, just finished 'er, some from the last demo, its more like a 3.0, i put it up on dailymotion instead, youtube is just alittle poopier


even more ladies & another shirt

another shirt over at design by humans click him to vote, it needs it

more ladies from my daily warm up sessions, i guess im spending more time than just warming up, how can you not?

this is another i gots to finish

really like this one, this one might be a bday pres for someone


warm ups & signs

this just edited in, i have a shirt over at design by humans that just got up for voting. its another design your shirt challenge site, give her a vote, its would be fun to wear this

joined sugar frosted goodness recently & heres my first entry into their little party, theme was signs

& some more warm up ladies, i really like the last one


oh ladies

life drawing at flo's from a few weeks back

previous dr sketchy's, yesterday's wasnt so great for my drawin

most of the time i try to warm up before i start a day of animating, its really important, gets the crap outta me, so i dont have to fight as much with my animation, sometimes it works. well what better thing to get yourself all warm is drawing the ladies, heres a few of the not so bad ones

gotta fix her eyes, but i really want the crazy innocent almost anime cute eyes, not an easy feat

i think her head's too big, takes too much attention away from the booty

gotta finish this one, 50's movie poster, but modern clothing/setting

head too big again or just the face, big face betty

oh & did i sell myself out by putting the amazon things on the side & google ads at the top? i kept seeing these things, so i thought id see if this blog could make me some money instead of just eat my time. really what do you think? i'm going to try it for a couple months, if not, screw it, no point in unnecessarily making this blog uglier than it already is with all this "art"


Sabet.tv & FACA

i just finished this little film ive been working on for the past couple days, well its not really finished, but its finished enough for the contest, what contest you ask? to win an iphone of course. Sabet.tv is a cool little art community where you can post your art, groups, etc etc, good people. the contest is to steal sabet's iphone in whatever medium, so i dont choose something easy, noooo, i make a film....dufus. if you like it you can start voting for my little vid starting tomorrow (Nov 1) for a week, im pretty sure you have to register, & if your kindness works i'll call you on the prizewinning

Find more videos like this on Sabet TV

oh & miss tria is finally up for voting for the 10 ring girls over at fistacuffs only have til nov 5, so hurry, theres some other aewsome ones too


a whole wack

back from the crazy city of NY & like ive told a few people already, i dont like the city, really i dont. Its too much of everything, cellphones, stores, arrogance; everything that i hate about the states. everyone there would tell me "oh theres the US & then theres new york" yea but its still the states in just another terrible form. i still had a good time there cuz of phil, his cousins & his great hospitible friends, the fantastic & friendly organizers of the NYCshorts (david & jen, check out the winners, some amazing films, congrats!), & Alberto who drove through hell to pick me up & drop me off, i owe him a 2four of corona. when theres people like that, the city can't be all that bad, except if you wanna get a place, $4000/mth rent for a bachelor!!

anyways.....before NY my dad came down into montreal to cash in on a very late bday gift. we rode the bikes everywhere, good thing he's not an old man

one day we drove up north to check out the awesome colours in the mountains before they get covered in white. finally remembered to bring my digiSLR out with me, i always forget i bought it, you'd think id remember spending $1200

Then i was busy busy busy finishing up my Munny for montreal munny night at off the hook that took place on oct 26. some of my favs from it, there were so many awesome ones

the top of this one spun, really

i'll post another making of later but here are my boys

BUT before that show i gave a talk at the NFB on st denis about my experiences & feelings of the hothouse program. it was fun, pretty good turn out, it was all for World animation day & the NFB has relauched the hothouse site for that occassion as well. so you can finally see my NFB film in higher res WOO! click the pic

lastly, ive put another moji on, ive kinda lost the loving feeling for that site & the scores of my recent mojis reflect that, but you can still vote if you want