some big news happening in the art life world of dale, but i dont wanna jinx them, so i aint tellin, but i will, later. in the meantime more people had birthdays & i made some more cards
for eric's

for the best woman in this dimension & 18 others

& the annual xmas card celebrating the birth of some guy who might or might not have existed, so just in case i draw creatures. A bunch of people will or already have received this in their actual real mailboxes, do you want a nice little present in your box?? send me your address, seriously, i'll mail you a real card, while they last - dalehayward@rogers.com

Lastly, this sunday dec 9 im going to at the PALAIS DES CONGRES 159 rue Saint-Antoine Ouest for the MONTREAL COMIC CON. Should be fun, i got my prints, sketchbooks, & a bunch of new blobs. i take only gold galleons as currency, only thing worth a damn anymore


Lubomir said...

LOL these are awesome Dale, Merry Christmas!

Benoist said...

Hello. I saw this card for the christmas. I think, it send for my grand parents ...
See you in France.

DaLe said...

thanks guys & yea see you soon benoit!