makin the cut

im working on a commission for a client's wife, so i'll be posting the sketches that didnt make the cut. im having a lot of fun with it, if only i could get more commissions like this, hint hint hint


suede life

this lady rests her head in my suede book

some more life drawing from whenever

obviously a different session

took a detail photo of this one. i got it


old life & a bunch more

found some life drawing from, i think, last year, it was a really good session, im surprised

this one was found in the HD

& this one in the suede sketchbook, the reference

a few pages of sketches

& jabba for desert

phew, now we're off to Spa Finlandais, seriously


District 9__deep with holes, but awesome

so i thought i'd post my comments on district 9 since it's been getting a ton of hype mainly from my friends who i respect they're film opinions, but there's just a few too many holes in the plot that i can't look over, plus this gives a good reason for those friends to actually come on to my blog, heh

*****SPLOILERS****** SPLOILERS******

problems i have, in no particular order:

-why isn't Johannesburg covered in other nations' diplomatic bases? i find it very hard to believe that the rest of the world would just let South Africa deal with the first extra terrestrial life ever discovered & not be bothered by other countries. EVERYONE would be all over that, I would fly to south africa to see them

-why isn't the main alien ship riddled with humans? studying, taking samples, trying to get it to work, etc. it's a giant floating alien ship & it's empty, really? i'll go inside.

-how can we understand their language, & they understand ours, but there's no alien diplomat to communicate the situation to the rest of the world?

-why was there only 3 intelligent prawns, but they were able to send a giant spaceship through space & time through the galaxy? why didn't those smart ones get the others to help out in their quest for fuel?

-this goes to most scifi movies when dealing with other planets & aliens, how can they breath our air & withstand our gravity without assistance? blomkamp's short paid attention to their breathing with the robotic suits that the aliens were wearing, why didn't he put those into 9? or at least mention they were having trouble with our planet.

-why are aliens always naked?

-why do they all look the same? same size, same weight, just sightly different colours. even ants have variety in their species, queen, soldier, worker, etc.

SO, since the film is meant to be as realistic as possible, i think these are pretty logical holes that the team could've filled & would've fit within this world. BUT BUT BUT, it was still amazing & you should all go see it. fantastic & real themes. a main character that switches between hero & villain multiple times. bloody incredible CG. the film work was a beautiful blend of vérité & archival footage. & many more things, enough that i want to see it again & i'll definitely buy it. If they just touched on some of these things above, mainly the rest of the world's attention to the prawns, then it would've been an even better movie.



right now, INDUSTTREES at 1234 College in Toronto, is featuring my Splat paintings until mid september. They've been packaged up in mystery envelopes, & they're so reasonably priced that you have no excuse to buy 6. here's a few to wet that mouth of yours


another popup

found this one that i did for me mum for her day of the year a few years back


paints found

found these in the hard drive the other day, they're from a day long ago, within a finished moleskine, i like to paint, me simple writer



august 3rd marked my sisters 18th birthday, incredible



i just found THIS & i think it's hilarious, completely unauthorized, but at least the kid put a link to here, so im ok with it, so if you got a DS you know what you have to do

my bro's birthday was months ago & i completely forgot i made this for him

i wish i was on a beach

& not with him