gifts & stuff

did alittle experiment the other day, i sketched out a girl

markered it with only only colour, looks alright

BUT this is what it looked like while i was doing it, i had my lighttable on the whole time while i was in the dark. i think it's really cool, a glow that you could never replicate. i'd like to play with this some more & have finished pieces in a gallery with lightboxes on the wall as part of the artwork. so the piece becomes 2, one with the light on, one with it off.

bday present for a friend

bday card for my friend nick, who never checks this blog anyways, so he'll never know

a place warming present for my friend kara, its a bunch of my favorite blob paintings in a frame

along with a ton of other projects, ive been working on a 2 page spread pinup for a new magazine called Squid & Ink. this is one of my self rejected pieces, i like it, it still needs some more value & tone, but it just didnt feel like pinup spread material after i looked at it. i'll finish it up one day, i like the face & hair too much. i'll post the final when the time comes, im really happy with it

& we'll end with a few more warmup dames


more ladies

been doing a ton of new things, that i'll show soon, but im still warming up with the ladies, if i cant have my real one for another month, then drawing imaginary ones will have to do
this will be another i'll finish up hopefully soon

i really like how the face turned out on this one, faces are always the hardest thing, so hard to capture life in a drawin


new demo

brand spankin new, just finished 'er, some from the last demo, its more like a 3.0, i put it up on dailymotion instead, youtube is just alittle poopier


even more ladies & another shirt

another shirt over at design by humans click him to vote, it needs it

more ladies from my daily warm up sessions, i guess im spending more time than just warming up, how can you not?

this is another i gots to finish

really like this one, this one might be a bday pres for someone


warm ups & signs

this just edited in, i have a shirt over at design by humans that just got up for voting. its another design your shirt challenge site, give her a vote, its would be fun to wear this

joined sugar frosted goodness recently & heres my first entry into their little party, theme was signs

& some more warm up ladies, i really like the last one


oh ladies

life drawing at flo's from a few weeks back

previous dr sketchy's, yesterday's wasnt so great for my drawin

most of the time i try to warm up before i start a day of animating, its really important, gets the crap outta me, so i dont have to fight as much with my animation, sometimes it works. well what better thing to get yourself all warm is drawing the ladies, heres a few of the not so bad ones

gotta fix her eyes, but i really want the crazy innocent almost anime cute eyes, not an easy feat

i think her head's too big, takes too much attention away from the booty

gotta finish this one, 50's movie poster, but modern clothing/setting

head too big again or just the face, big face betty

oh & did i sell myself out by putting the amazon things on the side & google ads at the top? i kept seeing these things, so i thought id see if this blog could make me some money instead of just eat my time. really what do you think? i'm going to try it for a couple months, if not, screw it, no point in unnecessarily making this blog uglier than it already is with all this "art"