Champlain revisited

i animated this in after effects last year with flo painting his magic. the other day i realized that its been out for over a year, tons of people have seen it, so why not you? It's our excerpt from the short film "Facing Champlain", an NFB/ONF 3d stereoscopic film playing at the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City. You really should go down there if you get the chance, we all put a ton of work into the whole film & this doesn't give you the full impression in all its 3d magic, i also added for this screening some music to help you along your voyage au canada.

oh & watch it BIG


a lot of posts

can only imagine what this guy is thinking

& i finally remembered to post my demo on vimeo which is 8 gadrillion times better than craptube


it's my fault

im sorry, because i pointed out that it was sunny, fate had to quiet me with rain. please enjoy more ink on flattened trees

self crazy portrait at the top left there


the dump continues

the sketch dump i mean. I just finished a spot for headgear & i am so glad it's over, working on 4 projects at the same time & preparing/waiting for a baby really starts to take its tole on you, BUT ITS SUNNY OUTSIDE!!!!

people i wish i had met

sister 10 years ago on the left

our cat Frodo & some of his fans


just some crazy

you just gotta let it flow



som life fer ya

top: view from Else's in montreal
bottom: view of my friend nick's book shelf in toronto

life drawing mates, when the model didn't show up

left top: house from above in vancouver
the rest: in max bronner's in NYC


books of sketch

so its been taking me awhile to just sort through the giant scanning fest i did months ago & so now i thought i should start posting them. theyre from a couple different finished books

oh & thanks to the folks that have bought some of my lady sketches lately, wooo!


gots some more?

oh yeah

i must finish this one... & the photo

ahhh im busy! stop distracting me interweb!



i have a blog??

woah i forgot i had a blog, ive only been updating my dirty flickr account, sorry blog, can i make it up to you with some ladies?

i really like the above, i just need some time to finish it

we're almost parents, could really be any day now, so we're trying to get a bunch of animation projects out of the way before our life changes FOREVER......when it rains it monsoons