why waiting for paint to dry, ive been painting other things, like this

starting to like my new drawing style, im really trying to just not think so much, which may not be a good thing normally, but im finding my own style coming out of it, which can never be bad. ive been copying other people for so long, nice to see something come out of my brain that isnt 5 different artists recycled into a drawing. like it not, let me know, im still going to do it




greetin's my interweb is being caught from the air, so its hard to capture, cant write much, no time, but heres some stuff i've done while waiting for paint to dry. when i have a good connection i'll post some stuff from my nfb film

even wookies celebrate the day of a drunk saint, hope you take care tonite, watch out for those fists & fast moving junks of metal on tires



Au Revior!!

So this will be my last post for awhile, Sylvie & i are finally moving off to montreal this weekend & who knows how long it'll take before we get the interweb in our new place (which looks to be a huge really cool loft). I start with the nfb on monday & start another crazy chapter, keep coming back here for updates on how things are coming. Now i gotta finishing packing

take it easy & enjoy this, its part of a present i made for my sister's bday that i just turned into something