House cleaning

so i finally rearranged the look of this place, still not the mansion im 'secreting' for, but its a step up from the dump you had to look at before.
Here's what my trip to Geneva started with

more hopefully soon, but isn't that what im always saying? sigh


La Moustache

PRESENTING.......LA MOUSTACHE productions!!!!!

The new studio from Sylvie Trouve, Phil Dubrovsky & Me

There's also a blog for La Moustache to keep up date with all the hairy news. Web site is a comin'



i got stuff you can buy & places that you can buy them from!

Prints from Plastic Matador, click the pics

Tshirts form MySoti
FLYING SKULLS! tee by daledale. Available from MySoti.com.Chewy tee by daledale. Available from MySoti.com.

he needs some votes too
Tomithy 2 Elbows tee by daledale. Available from MySoti.com.

& finally an original custom munny by moi: T-PRACC_-_Toilet-Paper Rolls And Cat Claws

making of pics soon


full of sketch

found some time before bed, so i thought id put some sketches up that have been sitting on my 'puter for awhile & theres a lot more where these came from

More girls from the G.i.R series

these guys really love their team, whatever it may be

orig sketch for the wicket commish

& id love to finish this up, time time time....

Also i just finished our newly created studio demo reel today, so i'll post that very very very very soon. Im extremely excited about getting a company going, now we enter the real world.


new days of a new year

bonne annee yahl!! the traveling has been completed, the xmas festivities are all finished, & my liver has begun to heal. ahhhh

still havent gone through all my pics & drawings from switzerland or everything else i said i would do, christ, that shit takes time & i got so much crap to always do. one day blog it will be regular again, my blogging bowels will be lubricated once more, but until then....

hopefully this creature isnt an indication of the pending year, eeesh

heres a few commissions i did a couple months ago that took way longer then they shouldve, desole encore une fois

oh & i might as well spread the news now since the cat has been screaming once it left the bag over xmas, but Sylvie & I have joined forces to create.....