DaLe's aRT


Apr 29

So i've decided to draw a lady (or 2) as a warm up for animating. look better than circles & much more satisfying. expect more often posts, if anyone actually comes on this damn blog

must fix her face:

really like these 2:



apr 27 #2

& a present for noel, marker again. i really need to use these more often


Apr 27 #1

sketches from one of my sketch books, some with markers. limited colours are the best way to go, you find great combinations



Apr 15

fishys for this past years halloween costume, & of course the ridiculous costume. its of a sad individual drinking kilkenny in a haliburton submarine, made from foam core. jesus why am i posting this? gotta go small next year, these big costumes can get really annoying



Apr 8

some found sketches of ladys
Also i have a flickr thingy site, nifty little thang check er out http://www.flickr.com/photos/ostrichindustries/