xmas craziness

havent been around in awhile, xmas hit & i havent been on the internets at all, but i have been busy: a commission & some more presents. my girl is back & im a very happy man. Oh & check out WOOT on new years DAY, JAN 1, trust me, it has to do with a drunk dinosaur, happy new year yahl!!

commission for a brother to his brother on his birthday. was going for a 40's film noir poster, was a big challenge, shouldnt have been, but i was trying to get the likeness of an existing poster too much, always learning

Custom Qee for my sister, with sharpies

Qee glowing in the dark, out of focus

xmas pres for my bro & his lady, painted on a piece of paper found in an old frame, awesome texture, bad photo



some big news happening in the art life world of dale, but i dont wanna jinx them, so i aint tellin, but i will, later. in the meantime more people had birthdays & i made some more cards
for eric's

for the best woman in this dimension & 18 others

& the annual xmas card celebrating the birth of some guy who might or might not have existed, so just in case i draw creatures. A bunch of people will or already have received this in their actual real mailboxes, do you want a nice little present in your box?? send me your address, seriously, i'll mail you a real card, while they last - dalehayward@rogers.com

Lastly, this sunday dec 9 im going to at the PALAIS DES CONGRES 159 rue Saint-Antoine Ouest for the MONTREAL COMIC CON. Should be fun, i got my prints, sketchbooks, & a bunch of new blobs. i take only gold galleons as currency, only thing worth a damn anymore