Tor Con done

well year 2 at the big con is finito & it was mighty mighty fine! sketch books didnt really sell, but prints sold well, & my blobs sold like mad, really surprised about that. if any of you bought one or some (like the guy who bought 20!), please send me a pic of what you do with them, i apoligize again for not framing them. Also for everyone that put up with me trying to explain my NFB film that takes uses the idea of the blob paintings, just click on the pic below & you can watch it low res (theyre going to put the films up higher soon, i hope), please check out the other films afterwards, theyre worth it

Thanks a lot for the support to everyone who bought something from me or just had kind words to say about my work, chewy has a huge ego now, all my future star wars drawings will have a lot to live up to. For the peeps that im sending copies of the wookie to, it might take a few weeks to get them. im travelling a lot in the next month & my printer is in england right now filming a movie, i'll give you all individual emails soon, dont dispair. For everyone that said they wanted a commission or other prints or interested in helping me put food on my table via art, please do what the kids do & send an electronic piece of mail to dalehayward@rogers.com PLEEEEEASE make a good & noticable subject title, a fair amount of my mail gets thrown into the spam box. Maybe something like "hey dale, im not spam!" or "art commission!" or "i actually like your art!"

i sat beside some fine fellas Ty, Ty, & his lady (sorry forgot your name, 1.2 seconds after you said it). The ty's are both students with massive skill & will destroy this art world when they get out of school, shit forget about the school, start destroying now! If you guys are reading this, i didnt get anything from you, cuz im a jerkface, send me an email

some drawings i did warming up & while waiting for patrons

ladies were the obvious inspiration, havent drawn them for awhile

a photo op in front of me

the only commission i had a chance of taking a pic of, did a few & didnt hate any of em. this is cloak & dagger

my best twin friends have devised an incredible way of controlling your very own zombie, you just have to shove your hand up it. if you want one of Jaimie & Jessica's incredibly made My lil' Zombie puppets, give them a holla at deseptopus@gmail.com, they look much better in person than my pics

when i got home, i realized that i finally didnt have anything insanely pressuring me to finish, it felt good. i sat on my friends balcony, had a beer, then another & drew birds. But the birds were from mr stuart immonen's flickr set of BIRDS. it was great to have some time to just draw for the hell of it, i missed it, still do, but that chance isnt going to happen again for awhile. Thanks stuart for the awesome inspiration

this one is crazy, cuz i drew it exactly the same size as the computer image came up on my screen completely unintentional, i didnt adjust the image at all, i swear.

so overall, great time, great people, familiar faces, & bought the best damn book on the planet, pulphope, Paul pope's new book, not sure if you can order it online. i predict this to be beaten to hell in less than 2 months from extensive looking through, thanks mr pope



quick post, the toronto con is starting tomorrow, should be crazy as usual. i have a whole table this year, with prints, books & my soul. love to meet you, whoever you are...... interweb

blob paintings up for grabs too, heres a few, i have tons




been real busy these past few weeks, thought i'd share what's been keeping me away from updating this ol blog

first, exciting news for me, my NFB film got into the Ottawa film fest! woo! but you ask, how?, we (the lovely internet) havent seen it yet! well dear friends, the nfb is holding out posting our films in beautiful quality until world animation week, which is of course in october! BUT you can see it low res HERE i'll of course post when the gorgeous copy is online, you need to some of the colours high res, its awesome.
we're not in the competition, but fun to see our work bigscreen none the less. its at the end of sept.

The incredible Oscar Grillo, whom i've been a fan of for ages, did this years poster

***EDIT*** ive been working on some shorts for a big company through a smaller company, but i can't talk about it until the campaign is done. i posted stuff about it before but i got shut down, heh, contracts

as well as finishing up the **CANNOT TALK ABOUT IT PROJECT**, im working on a jean spot for a new line - Naked & Famous jeans. cant show any of it yet, but im really excited by it, should be really cool. all this mystery, ive been the busiest ive ever been in my life & i can't show anything to anyone about it.

im going back to toronto for alittle bit to work on a cool commercial for head gear, its very similar to the constantines video, & while im there i have a table in the artist alley at the big evil toronto comic con Come check me & my brother out, he has a seperate table with the sexy Neil tavares. THEN im off to vancouver to visit my beautiful lady who's working on a cool stop-motion feature, & while im there im going to be at the little & im sure wonderful Vancouver comic con. that takes place sept 9 & if you're in those con areas, i would love to here you insult me & my work, it doesnt have any feelings

finally theres always mojizu's, new one is me,

alittle shameless plug for my 2007 sketchbook, which you can pickup from at those cons above or clicking on the right hand side button >>>>
Wilfred is in the second round of the war & is just behind a russian dog, if you havent voted yet, now would be the greatest time to do it, right now he's only 3 votes behind & the voting ends on sunday night, we can beat those ruskies!

i think thats it, the next month or so is going to be heavy heavy, so i most likely wont see you for awhile. if you dont have anything nice to say, insult them in your head.