MILK - kid kong

remember a couple months ago when i was saying that i was crazy ass busy, well this is partly why

the fine folks at Headgear called me up for another milk dot, but this time it was in stereoscopic! & because ive been working in the third dimension for the NFB lately i knew how to handle things with 2 eyes. If you wanna see the other two great spots move your mouse HERE & HERE you can also see them all in anaglyph (red/blue) but i can't get them to work very well even with my 4 different pairs of glasses. So my suggestion is to go to a theatre & see Ice Age 3, cuz they're playing before it


flo day

it wasflorian's Geburtstag last week, he had a party at his new place, i made him a card & we took our little ZoƩ to her first party, she got sooooo wasted

needless to say, babies take over your life, im hoping that i'll get to draw soon, but sleep seems to be more important, oh & all the other things you need to do in a day when you're only limited to a few hours


almost there

sleep is a good thing, & we're not getting it these days, thanks "unnamed baby". luckily the parents are down for these couple weeks, their help is priceless.

i think pamplemousse is the best named fruit

our cats at the top & one of our shelves at the bottom

ugly people & a really good banana bread recipe that i highly recommend you make



we had a BABY GIRL on thursday june 25th @ 6am!! woo woo! Such a crazy experience with ups & downs & more ups, now its getting to know each other & her sleep patterns. no drawings of her yet or even her name for that matter, heh, but here's a pic to make your eyes explode with cuteness

coiffure courtesy of the icu brain IV

pride in the digital world, showing the next gen to my parents.

& some more sketches

some of the things around our place

peeps around town

waiting at casa del popolo for the ninja tune night to pick up

right: our place into the hallway
left: another drawing at casa del popolo, sideways

bobba on the left & his victim on the right