for those that arent getting a real card in the mail, here's my holiday blessing.

hope you all have fantastic december-special-days & i plan on seeing you all safe & intact in tha '07



im in res fest!!

if you havent checked it out yet, i animated 97% of a constantines music video over the summer, yes real rocks. you can check 'er out on youtube shitty quality &/OR check out res fest this weekend on the big screen. its airing as part of the CanCon selection on Sunday at 7pm. its of course at the Royal theatre www.resfest.ca WOOT!



late pres for phil

hopefully he doesnt check this blog before i give it to him, but heres his bday pres which was 2 weeks ago, heh. seems im entering another pastel period with my ladies. this was from a sketch i did of the model Luba about 6 months ago, do a search of her, how can you not draw her?


bday for sneyd

bday present/card for good ol friend andrew & the sketch too



alittle card i done up, sylvie has bought the champagne, & we thank our director andrew for being a cool guy. we're in our last week of production on starveilance & its crazyness right up until the end


Table Top Joe

Listened to some Tom waits tonite, Alice was the album & heard a fine fine tune by the name of 'table top Joe'. its been awhile since ive been so inspired by a song, i want to make a video for the this song, already have most of it in my head. so heres a drawing that just happens to fit in with the artjumble http://artjumble.blogspot.com/ this week. not completely happy with the pic, but ive got a bunch more sketches that i plan on finishing to improve this look



Made this for the upcoming fight & for http://artjumble.blogspot.com/


MuthaFuckin Cereal

with 12 essential bitches & hoes!

im animation directing on a stop-mo show called Starveilance right now & one of the sequences is of Puff daddy deciding his new name with his posse, along with other expansion ideas like cereal. Well i made up alittle pic that he'll be presenting to his gang, fun to do, unfortunately its only going to be 6 inches big, so you aint going to see much.

also printed off miniture versions of 2 other of my pieces to put on diddys walls, whats wrong with some self pimp'n? just had to change this one, it showed nipples EWWWWW also i like these colours better than the orig


10 hundredth hit

well this stupid little blog that acts as my web site because im too busy to make one, has reached 1000 hits. i think thats pretty cool, even though most of those hits are prob from me, checking to see the hit counter go up

a little piece i did today for my ex girl-friend whom is a teacher that had a little student of hers die recently. the school is having a memorial for her tomorrow & this will the cover for her class' book of memories. its the least i could do & i hope that it brings a smile to Shamima.


inventive improvisers

just found this on my computer that i almost forgot about. its a little something that i put together for our level E improv teacher as a thank you, it was given along with a bottle of scotch, a movie, a poster to that movie, we like her

i wrote on it later, but i didnt scan in. Qui, Quoi, Ou, Quand, Comment


sketches from the con

finally able to post some sketches done for that lovely weekend of geekopolis, i still have the smell in my nostrils

powergirl comission that the guy never came back for


finally about the con

hellololo friends, the busy season has struck again & i'm just feeling the start of it, thanks cuppa. So i've forced myself to spare a few moments to update my blog that no one visits.

the toronto comic con was last weekend & it was a joy. i picked up my beloved nyc/equatorian friend, lucio alberto ruiz from the airport on the thursday night to start the weekend off right. then shan & i ended up having our table right behind him, the joy continued. Lots of feedback, sold a bunch of books & paintings & drawings & zombies. great to see/meet people & experience being on the other side of the table at one of these things. both of us were & still are pumped up to do another, so we're real excited about going to calgary in the new year via an invite from kendrex, the man with the coolest name & organizer of the calgary comic con.

so enough talking, here's some pics of our weekend, oh & we both still have a few copies of our books/paintings, want one/four?

settin up

so purty

ready for the crowds

shan geeking out to the man

how can we compete with this jerk?!

shan's profit creators

con sketches by moi

drawin an insane frenzy!

so overall=great time, cant wait to do again & thanks to everyone we met & those who came out to throw rocks at us, we've made a wall to protect us



Comic con sept 1-3

hey its been a while since ive posted cuz ive been working hard putting stuff together for the toronto comic con, coming up on sept 1-3. my bro (shan) & i have a booth in the artist alley & it should be just a knee-slapin ho-down, you should come & see us! what are we selling? well these silly:

my sketchbook of girlies, women, people of the femine sort & a few other things, - $5

shans book of monsters, hitmen & dead people whove got one thing left to do.....eat - $5

prints upon request - various prices

shans doing zombie portraits on the damn spot, DAAAAMN!!

& crazy watercolour blobs that ive made to look like things, ive made a ton of these - $2-$10

all of this stuff is available to even those individuals who arent lucky enough to endure us in person, just give me an email & we'll work something out. hope to see ya next weekend, au revior



rubeees bday

Rubies back from colombia. it was her day of birth on monday. made her a card/present. painted it with gouache upon a page from my moleskin. i need to paint more with gouache. very rusty


repost for ill friday

thought id repost this one for illustration friday (it seemed to work), since im busy with finishing up the film this week, yes i said finishing!

this is really frustrating, why when you click on the image does it always come up word jargin, arg help, is it happening with you?



solo sketch jam

the great enrico http://enricocasarosa.com/wordpress.1/ put together a little thing called the "sketchcrawl" http://www.sketchcrawl.com/forum/ Well back on july 1st it was the 10th world wide, so i tried to put one together here, but alas it was the long weekend & for some reason toronto sketchers SUCK! so by myself it was, drawings that i liked:

started out at the ROM which is under construction, so kick ass, chains hanging off the metal beams, looks like melting metal. place is going to be really great when its finished, exciting to see some nice architecture around town for once

then moved on to 'Gato Nero', a great italian bar to watch the football match with some pals.



new sketch book stuff

got really insipired to draw after seeing this guys photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/tellytom/sets/72057594064016155/

. so much history & personality in the peoples faces.

nice to be able to just draw free



some 3d

real third dimension that is. some little popup cards i made for my good ol friends that just turned the crisp age of three zero. i gonna try & make all my cards from now on as pop-ups so many ideas that way.
chest burster for jess:

zombie for jaimie

& a scuplt i made for my cousin & her new hubby as a wedding cake topper. fun to scuplt again, but im so terrible at it, gotta practise way more, another addition to the list of things to perfect before i die