MuthaFuckin Cereal

with 12 essential bitches & hoes!

im animation directing on a stop-mo show called Starveilance right now & one of the sequences is of Puff daddy deciding his new name with his posse, along with other expansion ideas like cereal. Well i made up alittle pic that he'll be presenting to his gang, fun to do, unfortunately its only going to be 6 inches big, so you aint going to see much.

also printed off miniture versions of 2 other of my pieces to put on diddys walls, whats wrong with some self pimp'n? just had to change this one, it showed nipples EWWWWW also i like these colours better than the orig


Maly Siri said...

i don't take breakfast at morning, but if the packages looked like the first one, i'd gladly eat cereals!haha.

DaLe said...

thanks it was fun to do & it got a lot of screen time, they should be starting to air the show on E network in the new year, its actually pretty funny.