more life & mojizu's!

howdy fellers & fellitas! i just recently posted some of my characters from my past xmas card on this great character competition site - Mojizu its completely free & fun to vote for other peoples stuff, if people enjoy my characters (or yours) then it goes up the ladder of competitions, you buy shirts & stuff with the pics on them. just a big bag of time wasting fun. be a chum & vote a nice high number for mine by clicking on their pics below

heres some more life drawing from monday at florians, model looked like a retired superhero & he was a virgin model. only 3 drawings for whole night, about 30-45 min each

off to calgary in 2 days


some drawing of life

Sylvie & i went life drawing for her first time in her life & my first time in four years last monday & will try to make it a regular thing since its only across the hall at florians place, thanks man. i was pretty rusty, but not nearly as bad as i thought i would be, always helps to have a good model, heres a few

oh & the video podcasts are still going, watch me bore you to death



more shirts & some sketches

put some more up, check em out here bountee


sketches from a newly filled moleskin

one more week til calgary



look at dis!!!! order here through bountee

& for the ladies bountee

more to come, its a fun site, make your own shirts, make some money, everyone likes both!! YAH!


new gurls

in preparation for calgary & alberto's lady book, some new finished ladies from older sketches. Trying out some new things with both, what cha think?



finished up a piece ive been working on while waiting for paint to dry. Watercolours are so much fun, so free when you know how to use them.


getting ready for cal

spent the last couple days getting prints ready for calgary, dave nardi is printing them out with his fine printer, lots will be available on that day & to order online. if you want to grace your walls with any of my crap, send me a line. This is an older one that i finally put a bg to, now its done


hot house & more

So lately ive been doing this little thing in montreal called the Hot house. Its a program where i work at the nfb in montreal & work on my own little 30 sec film along with 5 other canadians & 2 brazilians. We have 3 months to do it & we're already a month in, so things are starting to pick up. People are great, nfb building feels like a government office inside a hospital, but we have a great little oasis of creativeness off in the corner. heres alittle sample of what may come to be in the film, very different from what ive done in the past & im having fun doing it, OH also we were featured on Cartoon Brew go down to april 2

Of course you knew it would happen, everyone ends up in a reality show & then eventually a podcast, well Maral (associate prod) is doing both & you can keep up with all the gossip & hype every week right here - HotHouse Podcast

Also my bro, his friend neil & i will be in Calgary for the Calgary Expo on April 29. We're not big enough (or at all) to get mentioned, but we'll be there & if you happen to be around that part of the country please stop by our table & spit in your hand for a shake

take care & hope to post more soon - everyone always says that & no one ever comes through, well i plan on following tradition