new year with excitement

hey hey, got back a couple days ago from the quebec north drinking, dancing & kissing with quebecors, such awesome people, forgot our cameras so no photos to share of the drunkiness. so with a nice segway, heres that new shirt on WOOT i designed a couple months ago that got released on new years day, not bad sales for a drunk new years day, almost 500 in 24hrs, wah?! you say, i agree. only 15 bucks now, but it wont be for long, if sales are low this dino becomes extinct

When i finally checked my overflowing inbox, i found in the spam box that the flower got into another fest, this time the pain is being shown in vegas! DAM short film fest woo, so sylvie & i are thinking of going, should be a blast

a couple weeks ago i was involved in another custom toy event, this time it was to raise money for Camion de pompier's manga & art book library, unfortunately the weather was snowy & snowy, so low attendance, but you can still bid on them in an auction on olivier's flickr site
So here they are, i even got my bro & sis to do one as well, i love having other artists in the family. of course mine are the ones that dont look like the original trexi's anymore, theyre a lot of fun cuz you take limbs apart & move them. from left to right, mine, mine, shan, mine, jaimie's

more xmas presents, this one's for my friend nick, gouache on a found frame

& one for my girl's sister, another found frame