Blog: What?! Where the hell have you been?! Do you know how worried ive been?!

Dale: Im sorry blog, really I am. Life, it takes up a lot of time.

So yea I guess you can say I’ve been busy, I’ll try to catch up on things.

Sylvie & i did a music video for Lil’ Andy & Karaoke Cowboy called “Auburn Fades Away”. Basically we did the whole thing in a month, & we learned so much. its still a blur

Going back to join Kandrix & the very amazing people at the Calgary comic expo this weekend, april 26-27. Im super stoked at doing another con, especially one that I did so well at last year. Planning some new things to pawn off & im giving a talk/presentation about stop-motion, I think calgarians just need help with their insomnia. Well if you're around come over, watch me animate LIVE, & make sure to throw something heavy at me, but not too heavy, dont hurt yourself

We also went to vegas in February to check out the flower at the dam short film fest, super fun time.

Vegas is insane & boulder city is an anomaly; no casinos allowed in, makes the city into a pure virgin like town in the middle of the dessert. Want sin? go down the highway. we were down for the dam short film fest The grand canyon is retarded, we took about 8 million pictures that I still have to go through, it saved our sanity to get some sun for a couple days in the winter.

The flower & me have been featured over the past couple months on a few sites Drawn, crackle, fluctuat good people helping a brother out

Back at the NFB working on a stereoscopic film!! Details later, im tired of complaining… but FloJo did the paintings

ROY G BIV got into the panorama at annecy, which is amazing. Unfortunately I probably wont be going for a bunch of reasons, but if that one actually got in, then I wont have a problem getting another one in, next time into competition.

lots more later, including actual art