Sabet.tv & FACA

i just finished this little film ive been working on for the past couple days, well its not really finished, but its finished enough for the contest, what contest you ask? to win an iphone of course. Sabet.tv is a cool little art community where you can post your art, groups, etc etc, good people. the contest is to steal sabet's iphone in whatever medium, so i dont choose something easy, noooo, i make a film....dufus. if you like it you can start voting for my little vid starting tomorrow (Nov 1) for a week, im pretty sure you have to register, & if your kindness works i'll call you on the prizewinning

Find more videos like this on Sabet TV

oh & miss tria is finally up for voting for the 10 ring girls over at fistacuffs only have til nov 5, so hurry, theres some other aewsome ones too


a whole wack

back from the crazy city of NY & like ive told a few people already, i dont like the city, really i dont. Its too much of everything, cellphones, stores, arrogance; everything that i hate about the states. everyone there would tell me "oh theres the US & then theres new york" yea but its still the states in just another terrible form. i still had a good time there cuz of phil, his cousins & his great hospitible friends, the fantastic & friendly organizers of the NYCshorts (david & jen, check out the winners, some amazing films, congrats!), & Alberto who drove through hell to pick me up & drop me off, i owe him a 2four of corona. when theres people like that, the city can't be all that bad, except if you wanna get a place, $4000/mth rent for a bachelor!!

anyways.....before NY my dad came down into montreal to cash in on a very late bday gift. we rode the bikes everywhere, good thing he's not an old man

one day we drove up north to check out the awesome colours in the mountains before they get covered in white. finally remembered to bring my digiSLR out with me, i always forget i bought it, you'd think id remember spending $1200

Then i was busy busy busy finishing up my Munny for montreal munny night at off the hook that took place on oct 26. some of my favs from it, there were so many awesome ones

the top of this one spun, really

i'll post another making of later but here are my boys

BUT before that show i gave a talk at the NFB on st denis about my experiences & feelings of the hothouse program. it was fun, pretty good turn out, it was all for World animation day & the NFB has relauched the hothouse site for that occassion as well. so you can finally see my NFB film in higher res WOO! click the pic

lastly, ive put another moji on, ive kinda lost the loving feeling for that site & the scores of my recent mojis reflect that, but you can still vote if you want


FACA, mojis, bountee

more mojizu's, vote by rubbing your mouse on them

new Bountee shirt in guys, she needs your votes if you're a member of Bountee, if not why? BUY it HERE

lady submission for Sam hiti's Fistacuffs, voting will commence soon

Heading to New York on monday to see the flower in the NYCshorts, first time in the city, hoping to have a blast. its playing on Wed oct 24 at 7pm, love to see you there, yes you!


artist of what?

Well you could feel it, but now its official, the internet is now going downhill....I'm the artist of the month over at CUSTOM52, funny eh?

ive been busy busy these past couple weeks designing up some new shirts (which i will hopefully post very soon) & working on this poster for a Vancouver Burlesque company The Starlet Harlots!! If you're into being seduced by half naked sexy ladies & will be in vancouver on October 27th, then you have to go

couldn't ask for a better client

Other than Pop montreal this past weekend, the other main thing that kept me busy last week was making this crazy guy for Camion De Pompier's Nade & B.U.D. custom toy show. i forgot my camera during the show, buts heres some making of pics.
i found chunks of plaster from a graf wall along the train tracks i ride down most days, i originally wanted to keep the colours that i found, but there just wasnt enough of either one colour, or good colours. Too scattered didnt look right

coat in bright metallic orange, Rick Mercer approves! spray painted all the chunks black. wine is a must when doing these

my first idea was to have a face behind the the rocks, bursting through.

Epoxying on the chunks. cuz i was using 5 minute epoxy i could make up a huge batch cuz then it would dry up, so i could only do little bits at a time & wait & wait. then i thought the face looked lame

So i covered up the mouth, but it still didnt look that great. Florian came by & mentioned drilling out the eyes, then i thought about a light

a drill is overkill with a vinyl toy, you can cut through it like butter with just an xacto. so some pieces fell off

You can see the light switch at the base of the head. got it at a dollar store & just bent the LED to fit into the head

All finished! used black wrap on the arms, that took me forever.

Looks way better in the dark

This is how i wanted the whole thing to look, but cuz the eyes are cut out, the cool white LED is too bright from the front & you cant see the cracks as well. ah well maybe when i get it back i can tweak it, unless someone buys him??? it'll be at the store for a month.

So yea, that was my first attempt at customizing my own toy, & its safe to say i was over ambitious & i dont think im going to stop, my next show is on October 26 & we're doing munny's, the idea i have for that is even crazier, i have to start now!! Thanks again Fred, Yannick, & Olivier for getting me to take part!


more fests & a gal

well ladies first

so i fixed up this pretty gal to more of my liking & shes going to be for competition soon at Custom52, i'll let you know when the voting begins, i get the explicit banner, i feel like a gansta, click her to see the card

Queen Diamond

Also Tomithy 2 elbows (remember him) is in the first deck up for sale amongst some pretty awesome other pieces, go HERE to buy one & support an awesome idea, us artists dont get shit, but someone other than walmart does, so support that, please

BUT the big news is.....The Flower got into 2 more festSSSSSS!!!!!
New york city shorts October 24-27 (details TBA)

Darryl's Hard liquour & Porn film festival on Saturday November 24, 2007 at The Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) in montreal

WOOOO! So far 3 fests for this stupid little film, part 2 is now in full production tilt (phil & i talked on the phone, the machine is running)

also a reminder for all you montrealers in tha hizzie, this thursday night, custom toy show! yah dawg! still working on it tho, but its getting better & better, also putting some of my prints up too, with sketchbooks. i think i heard that theres free beer? (if not, i'll buy you one) thats a genius ploy by olivier to blur your vision while looking at my toy thus making you take your wallet out purchasing everyone elses. hope to see you THERE