more fests & a gal

well ladies first

so i fixed up this pretty gal to more of my liking & shes going to be for competition soon at Custom52, i'll let you know when the voting begins, i get the explicit banner, i feel like a gansta, click her to see the card

Queen Diamond

Also Tomithy 2 elbows (remember him) is in the first deck up for sale amongst some pretty awesome other pieces, go HERE to buy one & support an awesome idea, us artists dont get shit, but someone other than walmart does, so support that, please

BUT the big news is.....The Flower got into 2 more festSSSSSS!!!!!
New york city shorts October 24-27 (details TBA)

Darryl's Hard liquour & Porn film festival on Saturday November 24, 2007 at The Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) in montreal

WOOOO! So far 3 fests for this stupid little film, part 2 is now in full production tilt (phil & i talked on the phone, the machine is running)

also a reminder for all you montrealers in tha hizzie, this thursday night, custom toy show! yah dawg! still working on it tho, but its getting better & better, also putting some of my prints up too, with sketchbooks. i think i heard that theres free beer? (if not, i'll buy you one) thats a genius ploy by olivier to blur your vision while looking at my toy thus making you take your wallet out purchasing everyone elses. hope to see you THERE

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