Sabet.tv & FACA

i just finished this little film ive been working on for the past couple days, well its not really finished, but its finished enough for the contest, what contest you ask? to win an iphone of course. Sabet.tv is a cool little art community where you can post your art, groups, etc etc, good people. the contest is to steal sabet's iphone in whatever medium, so i dont choose something easy, noooo, i make a film....dufus. if you like it you can start voting for my little vid starting tomorrow (Nov 1) for a week, im pretty sure you have to register, & if your kindness works i'll call you on the prizewinning

Find more videos like this on Sabet TV

oh & miss tria is finally up for voting for the 10 ring girls over at fistacuffs only have til nov 5, so hurry, theres some other aewsome ones too

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