oh ladies

life drawing at flo's from a few weeks back

previous dr sketchy's, yesterday's wasnt so great for my drawin

most of the time i try to warm up before i start a day of animating, its really important, gets the crap outta me, so i dont have to fight as much with my animation, sometimes it works. well what better thing to get yourself all warm is drawing the ladies, heres a few of the not so bad ones

gotta fix her eyes, but i really want the crazy innocent almost anime cute eyes, not an easy feat

i think her head's too big, takes too much attention away from the booty

gotta finish this one, 50's movie poster, but modern clothing/setting

head too big again or just the face, big face betty

oh & did i sell myself out by putting the amazon things on the side & google ads at the top? i kept seeing these things, so i thought id see if this blog could make me some money instead of just eat my time. really what do you think? i'm going to try it for a couple months, if not, screw it, no point in unnecessarily making this blog uglier than it already is with all this "art"


wintermonkey said...

great drawings! i need to get out to a life drawing session. it's probably been like 15 years since i went to one. that's just sad.
beautiful stuff as always!

Florian Fiebig said...

your blog ain't ugly

Diego Stoliar said...

Hey Dale,

yeah, the penguin design is mine.
Thanks for your comments.

By the way,
the watercolours are amazing...nice work!

DaLe said...

cheers gents

Eric Z said...

Those top two are very good, like gallery quality. Very nice. I wish I could paint.

Matthew Forsythe said...

the watercolours are stunning!

more please...