gifts & stuff

did alittle experiment the other day, i sketched out a girl

markered it with only only colour, looks alright

BUT this is what it looked like while i was doing it, i had my lighttable on the whole time while i was in the dark. i think it's really cool, a glow that you could never replicate. i'd like to play with this some more & have finished pieces in a gallery with lightboxes on the wall as part of the artwork. so the piece becomes 2, one with the light on, one with it off.

bday present for a friend

bday card for my friend nick, who never checks this blog anyways, so he'll never know

a place warming present for my friend kara, its a bunch of my favorite blob paintings in a frame

along with a ton of other projects, ive been working on a 2 page spread pinup for a new magazine called Squid & Ink. this is one of my self rejected pieces, i like it, it still needs some more value & tone, but it just didnt feel like pinup spread material after i looked at it. i'll finish it up one day, i like the face & hair too much. i'll post the final when the time comes, im really happy with it

& we'll end with a few more warmup dames


goutwort said...

Man, you are SO heterosexual. Nice ladies.

I especially like the watercolour studies a few entries down.

I am starting back to cc tomorrow, in fact. Design work on the Christmas special, and then onto animating some zoo stuff. How about you? Are you coming back to Toronto?

Thanks for the offer of festival information. When we get to that point I will hit you up.

Eric Z said...

I really like the one of the girl on the top. It's appealing all around. I like how you focused in on the face and kinda left the rest as a suggestion. good stuff. Keep it up.

Spit & Spite said...

do you usually reference mags or anything when doing these drawings, that 3rd one looks like that vida chick. Great short btw

DaLe said...

thanks, when i was doing those i was looking at a lot of reference (blame it on my girl being on the other side of canada for 6 months ;) ) for drawing. but i usually never remember where i found the pics online, so its very likely to be "that vida chick"