some sad news this week, flickr has decided that since i can't "self moderate myself" that they have now permanently set my account to restricted. So if you don't have a flickr account &/or you don't have the safe search option turned off, you won't be able to see ANY of my work through that account. This obviously is a huge BEEOTCH, ive worked hard over the past couple years building that account & I really like Flickr, i think its the best place to post work, but now if i want anyone to see my "non-offensive" material i have to create a completely new account, FUCKERS! Why are people so damn afraid of seeing the organs we all fucking have?!?!?!?! especially drawings! especially non graphic drawings!!! ARGGG!

as you can see im alittle frustrated, sorry for the explosion, ahhhh, that feels better...how about some love? This was a wedding present for my good friends Eric & Robyn, it went along with a membership to the best zoo on the planet, toronto zoo.

when Sylvie was away in BC for 7 months, i was going crazy, you know what crazy im talking about, the crazy that makes you do pictures like this



MERCI! MERCI! to all the amazing people that had a good time at the cost of the flower's eye on saturday night. That was THE best screening EVER! i have to thank REPO for being such an awesome film to bring out such an awesome crowd, made it so easy for us & thanks to the after dark fest, super awesome festival that is going big places!

now on to more girls, these are a bunch that i found lying around on my floor getting ruined by my cat. So i thought i'd put them to work.

munny show tonite in montreal @ off the hook, come on out, shan & i both have pieces in the show, i'll post pics of them next week, dont want to ruin the surprise



so im in tha t-dot this week, turkey eating festivities & to check out the after dark film fest. So this saturday night at8:45 come out to the bloor & see the flower play before REPO! the genetic opera. check out me & phil look like fools on stage while no one asks us any questions!! yah!

in the meantime, more chicks

possible character?

have i mentioned that i love suicide girls?



why do i feel like i dont work enough, but i know i work too much?

cuz im not drawing girls enough!
these are from various times months gone past



j'taime markers, really i do, my markers are now having my children, ahhh, i really shouldnt have typed that, now its time for my bleach bath

doc OC

i really did, a month ago, best damn thing ive ever spent $3500 on, well worth every 3 pennys

well theyre for my brother, sorry

marker booty drawn at the montreal comic con

another flower update, its now playing at the International festival of erotic animation FIAE, of course you're not surprised. but the greatest part is that its playing 6 times in 3 different cities in BRASIL! its killing me that i can't go, but i'll be in SWITZERLAND working for a month (i'll have more details later)
Rio de Janeiro - 11/08 - 11/11
Brasilia - 11/27 - 11/30
Sao Paulo - 12/03 - 12/06