j'taime markers, really i do, my markers are now having my children, ahhh, i really shouldnt have typed that, now its time for my bleach bath

doc OC

i really did, a month ago, best damn thing ive ever spent $3500 on, well worth every 3 pennys

well theyre for my brother, sorry

marker booty drawn at the montreal comic con

another flower update, its now playing at the International festival of erotic animation FIAE, of course you're not surprised. but the greatest part is that its playing 6 times in 3 different cities in BRASIL! its killing me that i can't go, but i'll be in SWITZERLAND working for a month (i'll have more details later)
Rio de Janeiro - 11/08 - 11/11
Brasilia - 11/27 - 11/30
Sao Paulo - 12/03 - 12/06


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