awarding pain

my friends, life has been good & as usual it makes me work way more than i legally should. i have a billion drawings that i could post, but i aint gots the time, so its just more stuff about the flower

ok, its just an online festival, but he still needs your kind clicks over at portable film fest

& get this!! the flower won his second award! yea over at animation block party. i also thought they got it all wrong, but no, i got a bunch of free software & my own copy of after effects!! well ive been told its in the mail. NYC loves the flower, we should make an episode about him going to gotham (hint to possible big things? [wink] [wink] [say no more]

The Gaurdiancereal spot i animated has been getting into a bunch of film fests which is fabulouso! next up Ottawawawa

I went to france a month ago, (already a month?!) drew a bunch, took tons of pictures, drank & ate way way way too much. now this is that part where i say im going to post them eventually & then of course i dont, so yea dont get your hopes up.

oh! Sylvie went back to toronto to whip out some stop-mo fury a couple months back for Alan Poon's music vid for the Bowerbirds

double oh! months ago, sylvie & i helped our friend Kara Blake out on her 2nd music vid for the besnard lakes, check it

i cant leave without posting at least something, heres a lady from a couple months back, im working on some big things with my ladies, very very excited to get going on it.