repost for ill friday

thought id repost this one for illustration friday (it seemed to work), since im busy with finishing up the film this week, yes i said finishing!

this is really frustrating, why when you click on the image does it always come up word jargin, arg help, is it happening with you?



solo sketch jam

the great enrico http://enricocasarosa.com/wordpress.1/ put together a little thing called the "sketchcrawl" http://www.sketchcrawl.com/forum/ Well back on july 1st it was the 10th world wide, so i tried to put one together here, but alas it was the long weekend & for some reason toronto sketchers SUCK! so by myself it was, drawings that i liked:

started out at the ROM which is under construction, so kick ass, chains hanging off the metal beams, looks like melting metal. place is going to be really great when its finished, exciting to see some nice architecture around town for once

then moved on to 'Gato Nero', a great italian bar to watch the football match with some pals.



new sketch book stuff

got really insipired to draw after seeing this guys photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/tellytom/sets/72057594064016155/

. so much history & personality in the peoples faces.

nice to be able to just draw free



some 3d

real third dimension that is. some little popup cards i made for my good ol friends that just turned the crisp age of three zero. i gonna try & make all my cards from now on as pop-ups so many ideas that way.
chest burster for jess:

zombie for jaimie

& a scuplt i made for my cousin & her new hubby as a wedding cake topper. fun to scuplt again, but im so terrible at it, gotta practise way more, another addition to the list of things to perfect before i die