some 3d

real third dimension that is. some little popup cards i made for my good ol friends that just turned the crisp age of three zero. i gonna try & make all my cards from now on as pop-ups so many ideas that way.
chest burster for jess:

zombie for jaimie

& a scuplt i made for my cousin & her new hubby as a wedding cake topper. fun to scuplt again, but im so terrible at it, gotta practise way more, another addition to the list of things to perfect before i die



olgastern said...

Hey you found my blog. I like the latest sketch with the rain. Nice working with you have a blast at cuppa. Ill add you to my links.

justin said...

Dale, this is awesome.
man, I want to sculpt and paint and, and... it never ends.

DaLe said...

thanks justin! yea it was fun to do, i'd love to do it more, then it wouldnt look so crummy

Ian said...

Cool cards and very nice cake decorations. That is a fine gift to be able to do.