solo sketch jam

the great enrico http://enricocasarosa.com/wordpress.1/ put together a little thing called the "sketchcrawl" http://www.sketchcrawl.com/forum/ Well back on july 1st it was the 10th world wide, so i tried to put one together here, but alas it was the long weekend & for some reason toronto sketchers SUCK! so by myself it was, drawings that i liked:

started out at the ROM which is under construction, so kick ass, chains hanging off the metal beams, looks like melting metal. place is going to be really great when its finished, exciting to see some nice architecture around town for once

then moved on to 'Gato Nero', a great italian bar to watch the football match with some pals.



justin said...

Hey man,

how are things going? Nice sketches. Hopefully we can get something together for the WWSC 11.
Lang just told me you and Sylvie are going to Africa.

DaLe said...

yea we're going with her drumming group to Guinea! its going to be awesome. we're still trying to work it out whether we can go to brasil too, i dont think im working long enough to afford it, oh well just gotta start the whoring out again