Comic con sept 1-3

hey its been a while since ive posted cuz ive been working hard putting stuff together for the toronto comic con, coming up on sept 1-3. my bro (shan) & i have a booth in the artist alley & it should be just a knee-slapin ho-down, you should come & see us! what are we selling? well these silly:

my sketchbook of girlies, women, people of the femine sort & a few other things, - $5

shans book of monsters, hitmen & dead people whove got one thing left to do.....eat - $5

prints upon request - various prices

shans doing zombie portraits on the damn spot, DAAAAMN!!

& crazy watercolour blobs that ive made to look like things, ive made a ton of these - $2-$10

all of this stuff is available to even those individuals who arent lucky enough to endure us in person, just give me an email & we'll work something out. hope to see ya next weekend, au revior



rubeees bday

Rubies back from colombia. it was her day of birth on monday. made her a card/present. painted it with gouache upon a page from my moleskin. i need to paint more with gouache. very rusty