Table Top Joe

Listened to some Tom waits tonite, Alice was the album & heard a fine fine tune by the name of 'table top Joe'. its been awhile since ive been so inspired by a song, i want to make a video for the this song, already have most of it in my head. so heres a drawing that just happens to fit in with the artjumble http://artjumble.blogspot.com/ this week. not completely happy with the pic, but ive got a bunch more sketches that i plan on finishing to improve this look



Made this for the upcoming fight & for http://artjumble.blogspot.com/


MuthaFuckin Cereal

with 12 essential bitches & hoes!

im animation directing on a stop-mo show called Starveilance right now & one of the sequences is of Puff daddy deciding his new name with his posse, along with other expansion ideas like cereal. Well i made up alittle pic that he'll be presenting to his gang, fun to do, unfortunately its only going to be 6 inches big, so you aint going to see much.

also printed off miniture versions of 2 other of my pieces to put on diddys walls, whats wrong with some self pimp'n? just had to change this one, it showed nipples EWWWWW also i like these colours better than the orig


10 hundredth hit

well this stupid little blog that acts as my web site because im too busy to make one, has reached 1000 hits. i think thats pretty cool, even though most of those hits are prob from me, checking to see the hit counter go up

a little piece i did today for my ex girl-friend whom is a teacher that had a little student of hers die recently. the school is having a memorial for her tomorrow & this will the cover for her class' book of memories. its the least i could do & i hope that it brings a smile to Shamima.


inventive improvisers

just found this on my computer that i almost forgot about. its a little something that i put together for our level E improv teacher as a thank you, it was given along with a bottle of scotch, a movie, a poster to that movie, we like her

i wrote on it later, but i didnt scan in. Qui, Quoi, Ou, Quand, Comment