10 hundredth hit

well this stupid little blog that acts as my web site because im too busy to make one, has reached 1000 hits. i think thats pretty cool, even though most of those hits are prob from me, checking to see the hit counter go up

a little piece i did today for my ex girl-friend whom is a teacher that had a little student of hers die recently. the school is having a memorial for her tomorrow & this will the cover for her class' book of memories. its the least i could do & i hope that it brings a smile to Shamima.


Eric Z said...

Nice job Dale,

I'm sorry to hear about Kristi's student. Your picture definately has a nice warm feeling that will be something soothing to look at in such a hard time. Keep it up. Lets meet up soon. Before you're 26.

DaLe said...

thanks, i was going to give you a call the other day, we really have to make up that night of beveraging that your brother ruined, ass