orange book

last spring girl

i finished a sketchbook alittle while ago that i used for my last trip to france & geneva, but in between i did these sketches

xmas up nort' wit' de quebecers

human torch


some guy

also only 2 months to go, until i become a father, WHAAA?! i can't believe i wrote that



i ran out of room at the top of the page, my life drawing teacher would throw conte at me if she saw this



today's spring chick & this weekend's gonna feel like summer, AHHH yea



more spring & a big girl

i keep forgetting to post the spring girls on here too, yesterday & today

here's one for the drawing board's big girl thread

I do draw things other than just girls, & im slowly going through a massive scanning spree i did a few weeks back, soon i'll post them. life isn't allowing me more than a few minutes a day for "other" "art"



#5 & 6 missed it yesterday, we're doing renos, ahhh baby changing our lives!!



day 3

let's see how long i can keep this going




spring girls 1

im going to make another stab at having regular posts with the leftover drawings from the prelim work of my vernissage, lets start with my very lovely & preggo lady

my girl is pregnant & she poses for me

my girl is pregnant & she doesnt stop moving

my girl is pregnant & she is so sexy


geneva in sketches

from Nov 15 to dec 15 i was in geneva switzerland working on "Land of the Heads", a stop-mo short film by Claude Barras & Cedric Louis. Should be coming out into the festivals by the summer. It was a pretty intense & crammed shoot, but the gang was awesome, unfortunately i can't say the same for Geneva, it's the most boring major city i have ever been to, strange. but it was awesome to work on a film & all i did was animate, nice to have the pressure of actually making the film off my shoulders. of course when i had a chance i was reading & drawing, usually both were accompanied with copious amounts of wine.

waiting to board


i blame the wine....again

the genevians don't seem to understand this, it's such an insanely expensive city & there's so damn much to buy buy buy


it really is

drinkin & drawin

in our tiny studio, we made the most of it

the names says it all, there were way too many hangover mornings

last shot approved!!

i think i scared the guy sitting beside me on the plane while i was drawing this, but i was very excited to get home.

overall it was a fun experience & im very grateful for all the peeps that made it possible that i join the swiss in making the film, especially fukushima! there's a few of my animated shots on my new demo, at the beginning & the end



a big check mark on the life TO-DO list, completed: SOLO ART SHOW. Thanks a ton to all the peeps that put up with the rain & to those that bought stuff i owe you big kisses. if you're interested in any of the pieces, there's still a few pieces still up for sale, for now. the show's on for the rest of april & the HQ store is always a treat

Just to clarify, technically they are prints, since i painted them on the computer & then printed from a high quality archival printer on canvas, BUT these are one time print outs, so they are original & not prints. Also they have a gloss finish & stretched on to wood frames.

here's the rest of the pieces

"confessional" 18x26

"Sinuous" 12x20

"Bleu" 18x28

"glow" 12x20

& some of the sketches up for sale


one more day

it's all set up & ready for your viewing pleasure & if you can't make it, don't worry its up for the whole month of april. here's a few more samples fer ya

"mary" 12x20

"chair" 16x20

& a few of the sketches that are up for sale too

i'll post everything else & photos after the dust clears from the show