geneva in sketches

from Nov 15 to dec 15 i was in geneva switzerland working on "Land of the Heads", a stop-mo short film by Claude Barras & Cedric Louis. Should be coming out into the festivals by the summer. It was a pretty intense & crammed shoot, but the gang was awesome, unfortunately i can't say the same for Geneva, it's the most boring major city i have ever been to, strange. but it was awesome to work on a film & all i did was animate, nice to have the pressure of actually making the film off my shoulders. of course when i had a chance i was reading & drawing, usually both were accompanied with copious amounts of wine.

waiting to board


i blame the wine....again

the genevians don't seem to understand this, it's such an insanely expensive city & there's so damn much to buy buy buy


it really is

drinkin & drawin

in our tiny studio, we made the most of it

the names says it all, there were way too many hangover mornings

last shot approved!!

i think i scared the guy sitting beside me on the plane while i was drawing this, but i was very excited to get home.

overall it was a fun experience & im very grateful for all the peeps that made it possible that i join the swiss in making the film, especially fukushima! there's a few of my animated shots on my new demo, at the beginning & the end

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