a big check mark on the life TO-DO list, completed: SOLO ART SHOW. Thanks a ton to all the peeps that put up with the rain & to those that bought stuff i owe you big kisses. if you're interested in any of the pieces, there's still a few pieces still up for sale, for now. the show's on for the rest of april & the HQ store is always a treat

Just to clarify, technically they are prints, since i painted them on the computer & then printed from a high quality archival printer on canvas, BUT these are one time print outs, so they are original & not prints. Also they have a gloss finish & stretched on to wood frames.

here's the rest of the pieces

"confessional" 18x26

"Sinuous" 12x20

"Bleu" 18x28

"glow" 12x20

& some of the sketches up for sale

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