2 of three

heres the second sketch for the same client, my fav

& i just got the ok to work on the final painting, nice!



im slowly working on a commission for a client & his wife. when i have time he doesn't & vice versa, i just want to get it off my back, hint hint. this is one of the sketches

& oiseux avec chapeaux


new year!!

twenty ten just sounds so good to say. it really sounds like we live in the future, 5 more years until flying cars & hoverboards

another card, this time for my nfb friend munro furguson, bad pic though

La Moustache started the new year with a big dash of awesome. We're featured in this week's Montreal Mirror as one of the city's "noise makers". You can check out the great article HERE.
i made this cut-out for the article

& All the best to everyone you love, maybe even to those you don't