The annual

Im back, but still havent had time to scan my sketches from Geneva in yet & fix up those photos before im off traveling to all the family functions for another week, but in the meantime HAPPY DAYS OF SOME RELIGION!!!!! mine just happens to be acceptology, its very new, like 30 seconds new.

hey want this as a real card? give me a holla with your address & the friendly postman, will put a nice present in your box for once.


no art, just switz

hey hey, ive been very absent from this ol blog & i forgot to post why. ive been in geneva, switzerland for the past month working on a short stop-motion short directed my claude barras & cedric louis. Last year they completed an extremely cute & dark film called Sainte Barbe. This new film is called "Land of the Heads" & its even darker, you can imagine from the title. Cant wait to show people it because it looks beautiful, & its just great to just animate, no other responsibilities with the project, let other people have all the stress, heh. im involved because of the great people at the NFB asked & i said oui! i have a week left here in cloudy geneva, the production is alittle behind schedule, so that means its on schedule for stop-motion & now working until 11 on saturdays is a norm.

sorry no drawings right now, im stealling wifi from a crappy connection & it would take days to just upload one pic, but when i get back ill post a ton of drawings from while i was drinking, waiting in my studio, & drinking again. also some photos, which mostly include drinking, see a theme?


gir gir

most bizarre, weirdest, odd, peculiar, strangest thing ive ever painted, especially for sylvie



im starting a new series of warm up sketches from reference of Girls In Red. im a feminist



phil is born on devils night, deserves a monster made of gouache & paper

my blog looks like crap, i must re-do-it




some sad news this week, flickr has decided that since i can't "self moderate myself" that they have now permanently set my account to restricted. So if you don't have a flickr account &/or you don't have the safe search option turned off, you won't be able to see ANY of my work through that account. This obviously is a huge BEEOTCH, ive worked hard over the past couple years building that account & I really like Flickr, i think its the best place to post work, but now if i want anyone to see my "non-offensive" material i have to create a completely new account, FUCKERS! Why are people so damn afraid of seeing the organs we all fucking have?!?!?!?! especially drawings! especially non graphic drawings!!! ARGGG!

as you can see im alittle frustrated, sorry for the explosion, ahhhh, that feels better...how about some love? This was a wedding present for my good friends Eric & Robyn, it went along with a membership to the best zoo on the planet, toronto zoo.

when Sylvie was away in BC for 7 months, i was going crazy, you know what crazy im talking about, the crazy that makes you do pictures like this



MERCI! MERCI! to all the amazing people that had a good time at the cost of the flower's eye on saturday night. That was THE best screening EVER! i have to thank REPO for being such an awesome film to bring out such an awesome crowd, made it so easy for us & thanks to the after dark fest, super awesome festival that is going big places!

now on to more girls, these are a bunch that i found lying around on my floor getting ruined by my cat. So i thought i'd put them to work.

munny show tonite in montreal @ off the hook, come on out, shan & i both have pieces in the show, i'll post pics of them next week, dont want to ruin the surprise



so im in tha t-dot this week, turkey eating festivities & to check out the after dark film fest. So this saturday night at8:45 come out to the bloor & see the flower play before REPO! the genetic opera. check out me & phil look like fools on stage while no one asks us any questions!! yah!

in the meantime, more chicks

possible character?

have i mentioned that i love suicide girls?



why do i feel like i dont work enough, but i know i work too much?

cuz im not drawing girls enough!
these are from various times months gone past



j'taime markers, really i do, my markers are now having my children, ahhh, i really shouldnt have typed that, now its time for my bleach bath

doc OC

i really did, a month ago, best damn thing ive ever spent $3500 on, well worth every 3 pennys

well theyre for my brother, sorry

marker booty drawn at the montreal comic con

another flower update, its now playing at the International festival of erotic animation FIAE, of course you're not surprised. but the greatest part is that its playing 6 times in 3 different cities in BRASIL! its killing me that i can't go, but i'll be in SWITZERLAND working for a month (i'll have more details later)
Rio de Janeiro - 11/08 - 11/11
Brasilia - 11/27 - 11/30
Sao Paulo - 12/03 - 12/06




quick post, a milk spot i did everything except the writing for headgear about a month ago is up on their site. i love these milk spots, check out the others too,

update on flower screenings:

-sun oct 12 - alburguerque, NM, part of the motionfest08 conference

apparently REPO is supposed to be awesome, im probably coming to toronto for this screening
-fri oct 18, 8:45PM - toronto, bloor cinema, before REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA - Toronto after dark film fest

-Wed Oct 22, 7pm - toronto, nfb/onf Mediatheque as part of the world of shorts

-sun Oct 26, 1pm - toronto, ROM yea! yea!!, before Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines - planet in focus fest


awarding pain

my friends, life has been good & as usual it makes me work way more than i legally should. i have a billion drawings that i could post, but i aint gots the time, so its just more stuff about the flower

ok, its just an online festival, but he still needs your kind clicks over at portable film fest

& get this!! the flower won his second award! yea over at animation block party. i also thought they got it all wrong, but no, i got a bunch of free software & my own copy of after effects!! well ive been told its in the mail. NYC loves the flower, we should make an episode about him going to gotham (hint to possible big things? [wink] [wink] [say no more]

The Gaurdiancereal spot i animated has been getting into a bunch of film fests which is fabulouso! next up Ottawawawa

I went to france a month ago, (already a month?!) drew a bunch, took tons of pictures, drank & ate way way way too much. now this is that part where i say im going to post them eventually & then of course i dont, so yea dont get your hopes up.

oh! Sylvie went back to toronto to whip out some stop-mo fury a couple months back for Alan Poon's music vid for the Bowerbirds

double oh! months ago, sylvie & i helped our friend Kara Blake out on her 2nd music vid for the besnard lakes, check it

i cant leave without posting at least something, heres a lady from a couple months back, im working on some big things with my ladies, very very excited to get going on it.


Worldwide shorts & fantasia

***UPDATE*** you can see the horticultural punishment ultra humungoid large format this thursday july 10 at 5:15 at the concordia hall, part of FANTASIA!!!!
i cant believe i'll be in france.....

hey hey, so im taking off today for the worldwide shorts fest in t-dot to see my film The Flower. its screening as part of of the midnight mania: freaky show on saturday night at, well midnight. oh its also at the cumberland, come check it out, but if you can't here he is again, now in HiDef!!!!!! just click the link & then the little HD switch at the top

but if you just want to watch regular poop quality, here you go

then next week im watching as much euro cup as its clinically allowed



it was my grandada's 80th birthday a couple weeks back, so i made him a family tree for the memory book my cousin put together. good to see everyone other than just at xmas

busy bisy buzy


some actual art

calgary was amazing, saw some friends again, met some great people behind the table & in front. Thanks a bucket load for all the kind words, always inspiring to do a con. heres my table & then right afterward my battery died & i forgot the charger at home, sigh....

a newer lady pinup that i did for squid & ink magazine, but i havent heard anything about whether its being published or not, so here ya go

a nice guy emailed me for a dino like the woot shirt, for a big trip to italy, i was bribed with wine

some sketches i did for my buddy Fred Caron's music vid for OmniKrom

& Papa mo, the manager of our Fistacuffs group that we didnt end up getting ready in time for the brawl, ah well

found a bunch of paintings on my 'puter, i'll post em next time



Blog: What?! Where the hell have you been?! Do you know how worried ive been?!

Dale: Im sorry blog, really I am. Life, it takes up a lot of time.

So yea I guess you can say I’ve been busy, I’ll try to catch up on things.

Sylvie & i did a music video for Lil’ Andy & Karaoke Cowboy called “Auburn Fades Away”. Basically we did the whole thing in a month, & we learned so much. its still a blur

Going back to join Kandrix & the very amazing people at the Calgary comic expo this weekend, april 26-27. Im super stoked at doing another con, especially one that I did so well at last year. Planning some new things to pawn off & im giving a talk/presentation about stop-motion, I think calgarians just need help with their insomnia. Well if you're around come over, watch me animate LIVE, & make sure to throw something heavy at me, but not too heavy, dont hurt yourself

We also went to vegas in February to check out the flower at the dam short film fest, super fun time.

Vegas is insane & boulder city is an anomaly; no casinos allowed in, makes the city into a pure virgin like town in the middle of the dessert. Want sin? go down the highway. we were down for the dam short film fest The grand canyon is retarded, we took about 8 million pictures that I still have to go through, it saved our sanity to get some sun for a couple days in the winter.

The flower & me have been featured over the past couple months on a few sites Drawn, crackle, fluctuat good people helping a brother out

Back at the NFB working on a stereoscopic film!! Details later, im tired of complaining… but FloJo did the paintings

ROY G BIV got into the panorama at annecy, which is amazing. Unfortunately I probably wont be going for a bunch of reasons, but if that one actually got in, then I wont have a problem getting another one in, next time into competition.

lots more later, including actual art


new year with excitement

hey hey, got back a couple days ago from the quebec north drinking, dancing & kissing with quebecors, such awesome people, forgot our cameras so no photos to share of the drunkiness. so with a nice segway, heres that new shirt on WOOT i designed a couple months ago that got released on new years day, not bad sales for a drunk new years day, almost 500 in 24hrs, wah?! you say, i agree. only 15 bucks now, but it wont be for long, if sales are low this dino becomes extinct

When i finally checked my overflowing inbox, i found in the spam box that the flower got into another fest, this time the pain is being shown in vegas! DAM short film fest woo, so sylvie & i are thinking of going, should be a blast

a couple weeks ago i was involved in another custom toy event, this time it was to raise money for Camion de pompier's manga & art book library, unfortunately the weather was snowy & snowy, so low attendance, but you can still bid on them in an auction on olivier's flickr site
So here they are, i even got my bro & sis to do one as well, i love having other artists in the family. of course mine are the ones that dont look like the original trexi's anymore, theyre a lot of fun cuz you take limbs apart & move them. from left to right, mine, mine, shan, mine, jaimie's

more xmas presents, this one's for my friend nick, gouache on a found frame

& one for my girl's sister, another found frame