some actual art

calgary was amazing, saw some friends again, met some great people behind the table & in front. Thanks a bucket load for all the kind words, always inspiring to do a con. heres my table & then right afterward my battery died & i forgot the charger at home, sigh....

a newer lady pinup that i did for squid & ink magazine, but i havent heard anything about whether its being published or not, so here ya go

a nice guy emailed me for a dino like the woot shirt, for a big trip to italy, i was bribed with wine

some sketches i did for my buddy Fred Caron's music vid for OmniKrom

& Papa mo, the manager of our Fistacuffs group that we didnt end up getting ready in time for the brawl, ah well

found a bunch of paintings on my 'puter, i'll post em next time


Kelly Conley said...

I love checkin' out your blog, Dale. You have so much output. I especially love the girl in the stockings. They better print it!

CaveMatt said...

I second Kelly's compliments. Damn nice stuff! Where the hell are you these days? Still Montreal?

DaLe said...

so much?? i feel so lazy with drawing, not nearly as much as i should have done, animation busy is to blame.

still in montreal & enjoying it, the weather could be warmer, but thats canada's fault.

Rza & Gza are playing at montreal's jazz fest in july, i love that.