no art, just switz

hey hey, ive been very absent from this ol blog & i forgot to post why. ive been in geneva, switzerland for the past month working on a short stop-motion short directed my claude barras & cedric louis. Last year they completed an extremely cute & dark film called Sainte Barbe. This new film is called "Land of the Heads" & its even darker, you can imagine from the title. Cant wait to show people it because it looks beautiful, & its just great to just animate, no other responsibilities with the project, let other people have all the stress, heh. im involved because of the great people at the NFB asked & i said oui! i have a week left here in cloudy geneva, the production is alittle behind schedule, so that means its on schedule for stop-motion & now working until 11 on saturdays is a norm.

sorry no drawings right now, im stealling wifi from a crappy connection & it would take days to just upload one pic, but when i get back ill post a ton of drawings from while i was drinking, waiting in my studio, & drinking again. also some photos, which mostly include drinking, see a theme?


Tim! said...

Looking forward to the drawings! (and seeing the film!)

Diego Stoliar said...

Hey, make shure to correct the colors before you print the card ;)
Merry Xmas!