gir gir

most bizarre, weirdest, odd, peculiar, strangest thing ive ever painted, especially for sylvie


Gesh said...

Hey, I saw the flower at Calgary's Giraf Animation Festival and myself and the audience loved it! Great Job!

Juanma said...

Dios mio Dale!
this is one sexually charged blog.
hahah lots of fun pictures
diggin the one you did with the girl being f...being..how do say in english?

Jamal O said...

Interesting blog.
Nice drawings mate...!

Anonymous said...

hey man, i watched FLOWER just yesterday at the erotic animation festival here in brazil, and it was among the best films i saw there. very good, thanx for the joyful few minutes.
now i took some time on your blog and was also very impressed with CONSTANTINES- Wk fulltime. great!
what was your part in this one, is that all yours? there are no credits...
looking forward to seeing new stuff. please keep me posted.
here is some of my work and contact
cheers, matias
i'm also an animator, mainly in stop-mo


DaLe said...

thanks everyone.
-juan, youre a sexually charged blog, stop flaunting it

-matias, thanks bro. i animated 98% of the constantines video. the director helped out with some of it & he did all the super 8 stuff. i wanted so bad to come on down to brasil to see that film fest, its incredible that theres so many horny animators, wait i shouldnt be surprised, heh. i'll check out your stuff when i get on a better connection