Worldwide shorts & fantasia

***UPDATE*** you can see the horticultural punishment ultra humungoid large format this thursday july 10 at 5:15 at the concordia hall, part of FANTASIA!!!!
i cant believe i'll be in france.....

hey hey, so im taking off today for the worldwide shorts fest in t-dot to see my film The Flower. its screening as part of of the midnight mania: freaky show on saturday night at, well midnight. oh its also at the cumberland, come check it out, but if you can't here he is again, now in HiDef!!!!!! just click the link & then the little HD switch at the top

but if you just want to watch regular poop quality, here you go

then next week im watching as much euro cup as its clinically allowed


Fabian Dores Pais said...

Amazing. I watched it so many times in a row. Congratulation for your work.

DaLe said...

merci! great stuff on your blog!