some sad news this week, flickr has decided that since i can't "self moderate myself" that they have now permanently set my account to restricted. So if you don't have a flickr account &/or you don't have the safe search option turned off, you won't be able to see ANY of my work through that account. This obviously is a huge BEEOTCH, ive worked hard over the past couple years building that account & I really like Flickr, i think its the best place to post work, but now if i want anyone to see my "non-offensive" material i have to create a completely new account, FUCKERS! Why are people so damn afraid of seeing the organs we all fucking have?!?!?!?! especially drawings! especially non graphic drawings!!! ARGGG!

as you can see im alittle frustrated, sorry for the explosion, ahhhh, that feels better...how about some love? This was a wedding present for my good friends Eric & Robyn, it went along with a membership to the best zoo on the planet, toronto zoo.

when Sylvie was away in BC for 7 months, i was going crazy, you know what crazy im talking about, the crazy that makes you do pictures like this


Fred Caron said...

they suck big time... Some people make arts out of shit ( literraly ) and they don't get restricted... But I think that you rock for beeing censored with a pencil... :)

Snowtroopers.ca said...

I agree with what Caron... I agree with what he mostly says anyway... Vote for Caron ;)

Diego Stoliar said...

Hahaha... the zoo picture is great! I can't see anything restrictable about your work.... really! Tottally normal to me :D

DaLe said...

f-pen15 club

d-thats cuz you're brazilian, oh & a perv

Eric Z said...

HA! that bottom one is hilarious, should gift it to her parents and yours!!! Nice pics man.