rubeees bday

Rubies back from colombia. it was her day of birth on monday. made her a card/present. painted it with gouache upon a page from my moleskin. i need to paint more with gouache. very rusty


Lubomir said...

Haha, nice illo man, we should get together for some sketching before the summer's over!

DaLe said...

true dat yo! i just started working again, so it'll have to be on the weekend, but for sure

goutwort said...

Hey Dale.

Great octopus! I also really like the wookie bellow. You draw funny mouths real good.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

goutwort said...

I'm finishing up a project this week and I will be back at cuppa on the 28th. Working on Rick and Steve apparently.

Bike Polo was cancelled for today. It will happen in a fortnight.