Ottawa & after Part 2

Unlike some of my friends that saw the films this year at OIAF, i was throughly impressed with the variety & content of the work shown. yes there was the expected crap, but there was some solid work in the program. I think people easily forget the amount of work that goes into a film, commercial or music vid, christ! that shit's hard, lets give people a break & enjoy their spotlight with them, even the crap (can you tell i had a film in the program?)

So heres MY picks for the categories that i saw, i wrote 3 in certain categories in order of my winner choice. you can check out the actual winners HERE

- Persepolis - hands down. but the other 2, AAchi & SSipak & Free Jimmy were both awesome in their own ways, go see them all no matter what theyre descriptions say, trust me i almost didnt

NEW MEDIA COMPETITION - Animation Short Made for the Internet
- i know what i said above, but i wasnt really impressed with any of the internet stuff, i think people need to step up the internet work, huge huge potential

Narrative Short Animation
- Madame Tutli-Putli - its already a classic, probably the 10th time ive seen it & im always blown away, it lives up to the hype
- Pearce Sisters - wicked wicked, whole time watching it i was trying to figure how it was done, just gorgeous & ugly to look at
- Sainte-Barbe - great simple story, & beautiful stop mo to look at

Experimental/Abstract Animation
(why do the abstract filmakers always make their film way too long?!?!? should be a rule for them to be under 3 minutes)
- Framing (Bildfenster / Fensterbilder)

Undergraduate Animation
- Beton - super awesome anti-war film from the guys who know it the best, israel
- Doxology - fun film, the way experimental film should be, interesting & fun
- Pressure Cooker - craziness, i hate goeblins (jealosy)

Graduation Animation
- Milk Teeth - i was so happy this won, everyone i know hated it, its great & dark dark dark, oh & odd
- For the Love of God - hilarious & grad film?!? huh? this category is always so weird....
- Key Lime Pie - beautiful to look at, fantastic design

Promotional Animation
- National Lottery 'The Big Win' - gorgeous execution & just feels good to watch, lottery?!
- Cravendale 'Out of Stock' - so stupid & awesome, wish i came up with it
- 5 Alive 'Echo' - awesome variety

Television Animation for Adults
- John and Karen - brilliant english humour, wicked wicked timing
- Golden Age - so awesome, just hilarious

There was more, but i missed the kids stuff cuz i was busy watching the awesome UPA retrospective, if you werent inspired after watching these, you need to be in a new business. damn those guys were so good & no one has been able to come close to their genius since. i took some pics during one of the last films, why didnt i clue into doing that during the previous ones?

the simplicity is retarded

like i said im inspired

few other pics from the weekend, in the big theatre

on our way to redeem our free drink tickets

So overall i had a wicked time at the fest & now my new goal is to do films just so i can get passes into more fests, its awesome. i met some new awesome people that i really hope to keep in tough with, priscilla, greta & the rhode island posse, tim & jordyn (well we re-met), andre, darryl & more whom i cant remember their names. great to see some old faces that actually seemed genuinely happy to see me again, weird. Can't wait for next year

Going with this new goal of mine, The Flower got into Film pop montreal!! phil & i are crazy excited cuz not only do we get our film played on the big screen & get passes for the film fest, but our pass allows us into the music fest thats running during the same time oct 3-7! what you say? yea mofo, respect. Its playing in all its glory on OCT 6 & 7 from 12-5 at the Film pop screening room at the Puces Pop Arts & Crafts Fair which is at the Canadian Grenadier Guards Armoury - 4171 de L'Esplanade (just south of Rachel) so if you're around town, please come on out & i promise to let you sucker punch me, just because, BUT if you cant see it there, here it is again

The Flower
Uploaded by Snaleeo

& finally did some life drawing again last night at Florian's, it was great cuz i painted this time out & they arent the worst thing ive ever done, gypsy luck. i was using an old palette with gouache still on it so it gave me some nice colour surprises, i really enjoy playing with colours that arent actually there

this one's my fav

im working on a bunch of other things right now, which hopefully in the next post i'll be able to share.

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