van & ottawa part 1

A bunch of stuff has been happening in my little ol life over the past couple weeks, so i'll make 2 posts to cover it all. first off, i went to vancouver for alittle comic con, that was fun, sold a few things, but didnt expect to sell much, just really went to meet more people & i like lugging prints around with me to other provinces ;{) Made a few new connections, saw some old friends & made some new ones, so that always makes a trip worthwhile. stayed at my friends Jess & vincents incredible penthouse in downtown van, so rare to be in a place that has windows in every room. But the real reason for going to BC was visiting my lady on the set of the stop mo feature Edison & Leo being shot in Mission. everything for it is of course top secret, but its looking gorgeous & a ton of my friends are working on it, so you know it will move like angels themselves pushed them along. Mission was awesome for me because i did nothing but read & draw over-looking the frasier river, it was exactly what i needed. i kept feeling that i should go exploring in the forest & mountains behind me, but i didnt & it felt good. some pics of that part of the world

beautiful weather the whole week, had to bring it back with me tho, its now 6 degrees, ehhh



then after being back in montreal for 2 days, i scurried off to the ottawa anim fest with some nfb folk. 5 full days of animation beauty. i stayed & partied it up with the amazing gang at headgear which had a 10 year retrospective program that contained a hour doc covering the full breath of their work, which included me slugging away on this commercial, click the pic below to see the whole commercial

some pics of the HG crew
kicking the ball after the screening but before the dinner

great dinner

big party at barrymores on another night

issac decides that they need to dance on stage

then they felt ottawas iron fist

Dave coopers work was at another party venue, so incredible, completely fell in love with some of them, theyre are soo so so so sooo much better to see in person. expect some paintings from me now, thanks dave

giant spider outside the national gallery

there SHE is on the big screen at the national gallery theatre during the canada showcase

so thats it for now, i'll post again in the next day or so with my fav films from the fest, some inspired sketches, & stories.


Andre Coutu said...

hey dale,

nice to meet you in ottawa. hope the hotel thing worked out and you got back to mtl ok. looking forward to reading what you thought of this year's films.


Diego Stoliar said...

Hey, good to know that you still meeting NFB folks and playing soccer... :( Buuuuaaahahaha... The truth is that I´m jealous!

Thanks to remind me that my film was there too!

Eric Z said...

Nice job on the film, I got your comments and I did stick those to guys in Mojizu a month ago...just haven't had much time since

DaLe said...

Andre- yea i got back no prob, got a ride back with janet perlman, so it all works out, thanks billion for all your help over the weekend